Comprehensive monitoring of audit-relevant environmental parameters

Audits, checks, norms: There are few commercial areas which are as strictly regulated and monitored as the pharmaceutical sector. As a leading measurement technology specialist with almost 70 years’ experience, we know what challenges that involves in your daily work and internal processes.

Our complete solution: The testo Saveris Pharma environmental monitoring system.

  • Holistic system comprising sensors, software and services

  • Seamless recording and documentation of all audit-relevant environmental parameters

  • Compliant with GxP and 21 CFR Part 11

With the environmental monitoring system testo Saveris Pharma, you have the certainty that your measurement data are recorded securely and regulatory requirements reliably fulfilled. And with the good knowledge that you have made the right decision, you can concentrate on the really profitable tasks.

testo Saveris Pharma: Functions and advantages


Measurement parameters: testo Saveris Pharma monitors these parameters

The function

Automated and uninterrupted measurement and documentation of:

  • Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Differential pressure

Further parameters can be flexibly integrated into the system.

Your advantages

  • Reliable monitoring of relevant parameters

  • More flexibility thanks to easy expansion of the system


More security: Fully automatic and with minimum effort

The function

  • Complete automatic recording, transmission and storage of the measurement values

  • Alarms and documentation according to pre-definition, with no manual effort

Your advantages

  • More security thanks to automation and ability to react in real time

  • Highest possible level of reliability thanks to a minimum of manually necessary actions

  • Savings of costs and time thanks to low resource involvement


Alarms: In real time and via various channels

The function

  • Real-time alarms in case of limit value violations and critical system events

  • Optical warning signals on data loggers and Base station

  • By SMS, e-mail and as a notification on smartphone, tablet or PC

Your advantages

  • Alarms and reaction in real time: Intervention before damage occurs

  • Location-independent alarms and access at all times and from anywhere


Scalability: testo Saveris Pharma adapts to your needs

The function

  • Unlimited scalability: With just one system, you effortlessly monitor numerous

        measurement sites at different locations around the world and acknowledge alarms

  • Browser-based cockpit for location-independent access to the measurement data and alarms

Your advantages

  • Best possible transparency over GxP relevant environmental parameters

  • Scalability from local to global in just one system, for more flexibility

  • Location-independent access for more efficiency.


Compliance and data integrity: You can count on that

The functions

  • Redundant data storage: Logger, Base & database / software

  • Strong user management with authentification

  • Audit trail

Choose between two software packages:

  • PRO Software: Ideal for automated and seamless environmental

       monitoring of cross-location areas which are subject to less strict regulations

  • GxP Software: Validatable according to the GAMP5 regulations and compliant with the

       American FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 as well as the common GxP guidelines. Ideal for strictly

       regulated and audited environments, in particular involving the pharmaceutical industry.

Your advantages

  • Compliance & conformity with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GxP guidelines

  • Validatable software (according to GAMP5)

  • Uninterrupted and tamper-proof documentation

testo Saveris Pharma: The application areas

Certainty, security, precision: Your advantages with testo Saveris Pharma


Holistic solution comprising sensors, software and services:
An experienced company. A reliable contact partner. Proven technology


Seamless recording and documentation of all relevant environmental parameters:
You can rely on the uncompromising functionality of the system


Compliant with GxP and 21 CFR Part 11:
No buts – testo Saveris Pharma works strictly according to the most important requirements.


Alarms in real time:
Whatever happens – the system informs you immediately so you can intervene in time.