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Real-time Air Monitoring System

Offering accurate air monitoring solutions is the core focus of Oizom. Through cost-effective and highly scalable air-monitoring solutions, Oizom is devoted to democratizing air quality data. With our range of air monitoring systems, we monitor various environmental parameters like air quality, polluting gases, odourful and toxic gases, noise, weather conditions, radiation, etc. Using our patented e-breathing technology, Oizom assures the highest accuracy even in extreme environmental conditions. Our web-based air monitoring software provides real-time environmental data for better decision-making. The air quality monitoring software – Oizom terminal derives actionable insights for authorities, communities, and industries.

By offering solutions for numerous air-monitoring applications, Oizom has pioneered in enabling environmental professionals, researchers, city authorities, and industries with their air quality monitoring requirements. Our compact and cost-effective air monitoring systems make air quality monitoring projects easy, safe, and hassle-free.

OIZOM Product Range


Polludrone integrated air monitoring systems are an ideal system for real-time ambient air quality monitoring for Urban and Industrial applications.


Odosense monitors various odourful and toxic gases in the environment and provides insight into odour dispersion.


Real-time Ambient Dust Monitor

Dustroid is an online particulate monitoring system to measure a wide spectrum of particulate matter sizes.


Automatic Weather Station

Weathercom is an automatic weather station designed to measure various meteorological parameters.

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Product Usecases

Air Quality Monitoring for Smart City Infrastructure
Environmental Solution for Mitigating Dust Particle Dispersion in Air
Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring for Smart Campus
Environmental Solution for Odour Diffusion from Wastewater Treatment Plants
Vehicular Pollution Monitoring in Tunnels and Parking Lots
Environmental Solution for Foul Smell from Dumpyards