Odour monitoring system



Odosense is an e-nose based odour monitoring system designed to monitor various odourful and toxic gases. Odosense continuously detects, measures and monitors the odourful gaseous contaminants. Oizom Odour Monitoring Solution comprises of a network of e-noses (OdosenseTM) positioned on the periphery of the site. By using external modules one can also monitor meteorological parameters like wind speed, wind direction which enables us to trace the odourant dispersion plume and identify odour source.

Odour monitoring around landfill sites, wastewater treatment facilities, fertilizers, paper-pulp industries and soil-treatment sites, etc. is very crucial as they usually create odour nuisance could be a health hazard for the employees and residents living in the surrounding areas. Odour monitoring can act as an alarm system in cases of accidental releases of pollutants; through odour plume dispersion we can also backtrack the source of the odour. It is essential to keep a track of odour intensity to take suggestive actions like planning odour mitigation activities. Additionally, in the case of false complaints, the authorities have the data for reference purposes.

Odosense measures odourful parameters like Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), Hydrogen sulphide (H2S), Ammonia (NH3), Methyl Mercaptan, TVOC (Benzene, Toluene, Xylene), Formaldehyde (CH2O), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Chlorine (CL2), Temperature and Humidity.
The Odosense is technologically equipped to offer higher accuracy with features like patented e-breathing technology, Auto device firmware updates, and remote calibration capabilities. Additionally, our systems are backed with AI ML algorithms to understand odour levels and impact.

Odosense, our accurate odour monitor can transmit data through various data communication modules like GSM, WiFi, LORA, etc. The data is transmitted to the Oizom cloud in near real-time. Additionally, it has an inbuilt memory backup to ensure no data loss in case of network failure. This ensures the best device uptime. The collected data can be visualized on the Oizom IoT Terminal in the form of real-time dashboards, upon collection on a dense network of data points and integrating weather data we can also generate odour plumes and odour dispersion heatmaps. By integrating data from the Odosense onto 3rd party odour modelling platforms we can enable advanced analytics on the odour levels. The odour data can also be utilised for various industrial automation applications in an Industrial IoT (IIoT) environment.


Odosense Variants

The Odosense real-time odour monitoring system has three variants available are Odosense Lite, Odosense Smart, and Odosense Pro. These product variants are designed to target different applications and use-cases.



SO2, H2S, NH3, Temperature, Humidity



SO2, H2S, NH3, CH3SH, CH4, TVOC Temperature, Humidity



SO2, H2S, NH3, CH3SH, CH4, TVOC, CH2O, NO2, Cl2, Temperature, Humidity

Air Quality Monitoring Solution Architecture

Odosense-System-Agnostic-Product-e-nose-based-Odour-Monitoring-System-Oizom (1).gif

Odosense Solution is designed with an ultra-modular approach to accommodate any existing infrastructure. For power, Odosense can work on External AC or DC power as well as Solar Power. For data transmission, Odosense can communicate the data using various Wired and Wireless channels. GSM, GPRS, 3G, WiFi, LORA, LTE, SIGFOX are available for wireless data communication. Where Ethernet, Modbus, RS-485, RS-283 are the wired data-communication options. The odour data monitored by Odosense can be transmitted to Oizom Cloud which can be hosted on Shared or Private Infrastructure. The data from Oizom Cloud can be served for different data-solutions based on end-application.
Odosense data can be visualised and analysed in Oizom Data Terminal. Smart odour alerts can be set-up on the odour data from Odosense. Various process equipment can be regulated based on Odosense data for automated solutions. Automated reports can be generated by the system. Using Odosense data, realtime odour impact assessment is possible for effective odour complaint management.

Product Applications


Wastewater Treatment Plants


Foul Odour from Dump yards


Odour Monitoring at ETP